For External Database Service

To access Performance Hub for External Database Service:

  1. Open the navigation menu and click Oracle Database.

  2. Click External Database.

  3. Select your Compartment.

  4. Under External databases, select the type of external database you are managing:
    • Pluggable databases

    • Container databases

    • Non-container databases


    The Associated Services section on the database details page shows the status of the Database Management service, whether the service is enabled for the database. It also shows which database management option (Basic or Full) is enabled.
    • If Database Management is Enabled, then you can click Disable to disable it.

    • If Database Management is Disabled, then you can click Enable to enable it.

  5. On the details page of the database, click Performance Hub to open the Performance Hub page.


    Performance Hub is enabled only under the following conditions.
    • The Database Management service must be enabled.
    • The database must be an Enterprise Edition, version or later.

To exit the Performance Hub page and to go back to the database details page, click Close at the bottom-left of the page.

To learn more about External Database, see: