Object Storage for Roving Edge Infrastructure

Describes how to manage object storage tasks, including those for buckets and objects, on your Roving Edge Infrastructure devices.

This section describes the following Roving Edge Infrastructure on-device services related to object storage:

Performance and Usage Thresholds

Oracle recommends that you keep your storage thresholds below 80%. Maintaining this level is important to optimize performance, especially for intensive writing operations. If the Roving Edge Infrastructure device's capacity nears 80%, transfer data to your OCI tenancy until the storage level falls below 80% to achieve optimal operation of services.

Regularly monitor the available storage space for all your Roving Edge Infrastructure devices. The Monitoring page lists the total space consumption amount of the device. Avoid allowing a device's to reach 80% capacity or higher. Plan total storage needs of your Compute, Block Storage, and Object Storage service resources in advance to avoid over subscription problems. Calculate the maximum size of each boot volume and block volume in advance, together with expected space consumed by object storage.