Registering as a Marketplace Publisher

To register as a marketplace publisher, you must get an oracle account, join Oracle Partner Network, review and accept terms, and create an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Account.

As your interest in publishing on Oracle Cloud Marketplace is accepted, you must register as an Oracle Cloud Marketplace publisher before you publish your applications and services on Oracle Cloud Marketplace. If you haven’t yet submitted your interest in publishing on Oracle Cloud Marketplace, you can do so here.

To register as an Oracle Cloud Marketplace publisher, follow the below process:

Getting an Oracle Account

Before you can register to be an Oracle Cloud Marketplace publisher, you must get an Oracle account if you don’t already have one. You use your Oracle account credentials (user name and password) to sign in to Oracle online applications, Oracle websites, support, events, communities, and more.

To register for an Oracle account, do the following:

  1. Go to the Oracle Cloud website.
  2. Click View Accounts, and then click Create an Account.
  3. Enter your email address and other details in the appropriate fields. Be sure to complete all the required fields.
  4. Click Create Account. After your account is created, you'll receive a confirmation email at the email address that you provided.
  5. Follow the instructions in the email to verify your email address.

Joining Oracle Partner Network

Before you can publish apps to Oracle Cloud Marketplace, you must register your company as a member of Oracle Partner Network (OPN).

If you already have an OPN membership and aren't sure of your OPN status or company ID, contact Partner Assistance, do the following:

  1. Before you join Oracle Partner Network (OPN), understand the prerequisites and the process. See Things to Know Prior to Joining Oracle Partner Network.
  2. For information about becoming an OPN member, visit the Oracle Partner Network website.

You’ll receive an email confirmation when the OPN team receives your membership application. The OPN team reviews and processes your application. You’ll receive a second email when your membership is approved. Proceed with the remaining steps, only after you receive the OPN membership number.

Reviewing and Accepting Terms

The Oracle Cloud Marketplace Publisher Agreement enables you to create and publish free, bring-your-own-license (BYOL), and paid listings on Oracle Cloud Marketplace. For paid listings, this agreement enables Oracle to bill the end-customer for their usage of your application.

After you receive the OPN Company ID, you must accept the terms and conditions of the Oracle Cloud Marketplace Publisher Agreement.

If you are publishing a paid listing, you must be an entity in the United States.

Refer to the Agreements & Policies repository to view the policies.

You'll receive a welcome email from our Royalty Reporting & Contact Compliance (RR&CC) team (

You'll also receive an email invitation from our Supplier Data Management team ( to register online as a supplier in the Oracle Supplier Portal Cloud along with a user guide containing all required information and process steps to be followed.

After accepting the terms, register as a supplier. Complete this additional step only if you want to publish paid listings to Oracle Cloud Marketplace. This allows Oracle to provide payment under the Oracle Cloud Marketplace Publisher Agreement for your customer's use of your application. After you submit the Oracle Cloud Marketplace Publisher Agreement, Oracle initiates the registration process for you to become a supplier and get paid. Provide the information requested by Oracle.

If you don't want to publish paid listings to Oracle Cloud Marketplace, proceed with the next step as you don't need to register as a supplier.

To register as a supplier, you'll need to provide the following information:

  • Provide your company details including company name, address, tax ID, tax form(s), and bank account details for payments.
  • Assign and provide contact details for two authorized point of contacts from your company.

Once you've completed and submitted your registration, our Supplier Data Management (SDM) and Independent Validation Team (IVT) teams will complete their verification processes, supplier set up will be completed, and you will receive a confirmation email.


Follow the instructions provided and respond to communications in a timely manner to ensure your company is set up accurately and promptly and avoids a delay in the processing of your payments.

If you encounter any issues during the supplier registration process, contact

While you wait for the verification process to complete, you can start creating your listings. You don't have to wait for the confirmation email to create the listing.

Registering for a Publisher Account

To register for a publisher account to publish apps and services to Oracle Cloud Marketplace, do the following:

  1. Fill out the Oracle Cloud Marketplace Publisher account registration form to request access to Oracle Cloud Marketplace.
  2. Sign in to your Oracle account.
  3. Fill out your contact information. Oracle uses this information to contact you in case additional information is required about the apps or services that you want to publish to the marketplace.
  4. Fill out your company information. Here are a few important notes:
    • OPN Number — Enter your Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) membership number. Before you can register as an Oracle Cloud Marketplace publisher, your company must be a member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN). Oracle validates the OPN number that you enter.

    • Company Name — When you register your company, the company name is associated with your unique OPN membership number. Enter your company name carefully. If you need to change your company’s name at some point, then you’ll need to contact Oracle.

    • Contact Email — You can provide only one contact email for your company. However, when you create your marketplace listings, you can provide multiple support contacts and links for each app you offer, and multiple office locations and contacts for each service you offer.

      This is the email ID where you'll receive an email when Oracle creates your publisher account. You'll also provide this email ID to access the Partner Portal to create your app listings.

    • Your company information, except the OPN Number, will be displayed on the PROVIDER tab for every listing you publish to Oracle Cloud Marketplace. You can use Partner Portal to modify this information later. See How do I change my company information?

  5. Describe the solutions that you’ll be providing.
  6. Click Submit when you have filled out the registration form. You'll see a confirmation message that your application was submitted.
  7. Click Done to close the dialog box and return to Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Oracle validates the OPN number that you have entered, and then creates your publisher account. When your publisher account is created, you'll receive an email on the contact email ID that you have provided. You can use the same email ID to access the Partner Portal to create your app listings.

Creating an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Account

This task is required only if you want to deploy your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure listings directly into your customers' Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancies. To achieve this, you'll need your own Oracle Cloud Infrastructure account. If you don't have your account set up, set it up now.

For information about signing up for an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure account, see Sign Up for the Free Oracle Cloud Promotion.

After completing these steps, you can create, upload, and publish your application or service listing to Oracle Cloud Marketplace.