Scheduling Published Tasks to Run

Run a task manually or use schedules and task schedules to automate the running of tasks in Data Integration.

A task must be published to an application before you can run the task or schedule the task to run. See Task Publishing.

To run a published task automatically on a specific schedule, you must perform the following actions:

  • Create a schedule: A schedule defines when and how frequently tasks should be run. A schedule can be used across tasks of any type.
  • Create a task schedule for the task: A task schedule is an automated run configuration for a specific task. You schedule a task to run automatically by creating a task schedule, and associating the task schedule with an existing schedule.

By using schedules and task schedules, you can enable published tasks to run automatically on specific days and times, and at specific frequency intervals. A schedule can be associated with multiple task schedules, but a task schedule must be associated with only one existing schedule.

The following pages describe the management tasks for scheduling tasks to run:


Data Integration follows the MISFIRE_INSTRUCTION_SMART_POLICY of an open source job scheduler. For example, suppose that a schedule is set to trigger a run job at 3 A.M. However, the system is not available at the trigger time. When the system is back up, say at 5 A.M., the job is run immediately after the misfire situation is discovered by the scheduler.