Perform Postinstallation Tasks for Management Gateway

Configure Management Agents with Management Gateway

After installing the Management Gateway, you need to configure each Management Agent to use the newly installed Management Gateway instead of using the corporate proxy.

The Management Gateway will be set up to connect to the internet through any firewalls.

From the Management Agent side, the same parameters are used to configure access through a Management Gateway as through a regular proxy.

After completing the Management Gateway installation, configure the Management Agents.

There are two scenarios:

  • Configure a new Management Agent to use the Management Gateway.

    In this scenario, you are configuring a brand new Management Agent to use the newly installed Management Gateway.

    The Management Agent should be configured to point to the Management Gateway by setting the following parameters during the agent installation:
    • GatewayServerHost
    • GatewayServerPort
    • GatewayServerUser
    • GatewayServerPassword
    For details about setting up the above parameters and the response file during the Management Agent installation process, see Configure a Response File.

    For information about installing Management Agents, see Install Management Agents.

  • Configure an existing Management Agent to use the Management Gateway.

    In this scenario, you are configuring an existing Management Agent to use the newly installed Management Gateway.

    The existing Management Agent's configuration should be updated and set to point to the Management Gateway by following these steps:

    1. Ensure the management agent is running.
    2. If the Management Gateway is set up to require authentication, create a credentials file containing the username and password required to connect to the Management Gateway.

      For example, a file /opc/my_cred_file.json, could be created, containing the credentials to be configured.

        "source":"agent.<OCID_OF_THE_AGENT>",  <---Prefix the OCID of the agent with "agent."
        "description":"These credentials are used to connect to Management Gateway.",
          { "name":"ProxyUser", "value":"<USER_NAME>" },
          { "name":"ProxyPassword", "value":"<USER_PASSWORD>" }
    3. Add the credentials specified in the /opc/my_cred_file.json file using the script.
      cat /opc/my_cred_file.json | sudo -u mgmt_agent /opt/oracle/mgmt_agent/agent_inst/bin/ -o upsertCredentials -s Agent
    4. Delete the credential file /opc/my_cred_file.json.
    5. Stop the management agent.
    6. Update the management agent's file by adding GatewayServerHost and GatewayServerPort parameters.

      The file is located in the /opt/oracle/mgmt_agent/agent_inst/config directory.

      For example:
    7. Start the management agent.

    For details about the Management Agent parameters, see Review Agent Parameters.

Add or Update Proxy Information for Management Gateway

You can add or update the proxy information such as proxy host, port and/or credentials after installing the Management Gateway.


During the Management Gateway installation, the Management Gateway can be configured to route through a proxy server by providing the proxy information (host, port and credentials) using a response file. If you are installing Management Gateway, see Configure a Response File for Management Gateway for details.

This section provides information about adding the proxy information after the Management Gateway has already been installed.

Here are some common scenarios:
  • During the Management Gateway installation process, the proxy information wasn't provided. It could be that you forgot to add it to the response file or the proxy information wasn't available at the time.
  • The Management Gateway has to be routed through a proxy or firewall after installing it.
  • There are proxy server changes. For example, the proxy server information was provided during the installation, but then after, it needs to get changed to a different proxy server. (It could be that the user wants the Management Gateway to be routed through a different one).

Prerequisites: The Management Gateway should have been installed without providing the proxy information, or installed with a proxy that now needs to be changed.

Step 1 : Add or update the proxy information in the file

Edit the /opt/oracle/mgmt_agent/agent_inst/config/ file and add the below properties at the end of the file:

ProxyHost=<Proxy server host name or address of the proxy server or firewall>

ProxyPort=<Proxy server port number of the proxy server or firewall>

For example:

If the Management Gateway was already configured with a proxy server, and if user needs to change it to a different proxy server, then the properties: ProxyHost and ProxyPort should already be present in the file. Update the above properties to use the new proxy server values.

Step 2 (Optional): Update proxy credentials in the Management Gateway

If the proxy server has credentials, you need to update them. For instructions, see Update Proxy Credentials for Management Gateway.

Step 3 : Restart Management Gateway

sudo systemctl restart mgmt_gateway