Workflow for Installing Management Gateway

Perform the following tasks to install Management Gateway.

Tasks More Information
Check your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) environment.

Before you start using Management Gateway, ensure your OCI environment is set up correctly. See Perform Prerequisites for Deploying Management Gateway.

Review the prerequisites.

Determine if you need Management Gateway in high availability mode. (Optional) High availability can be configured on the Management Gateways, if preferred. For details, see Configure High Availability for Management Gateway.

Download the Management Gateway software and create an install key.

The first step to deploy Management Gateway in your environment is to download the Management Gateway software and create an install key. See Download Management Gateway Software and Create an Install Key.

Install the Management Gateway.

The Management Gateway software download file contains all the files required to install the Management Gateway. See Install Management Gateway.

Perform Postinstallation Tasks. After installing the Management Gateway, perform the postinstallation tasks. See Perform Postinstallation Tasks for Management Gateway.