Creating a Build Pipeline

Create a build pipeline to define the build process.

Each service in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) integrates with Identity and Access Management (IAM) for authentication and authorization. To grant users permission to access the DevOps build pipelines and other resources, you have to create dynamic groups and IAM policies.

For creating dynamic groups and policies for build pipelines, see Build Pipeline Policies. For more details, see DevOps IAM Policies.

Before you create a build pipeline, you must have a DevOps project.

For accessing DevOps using the Oracle Cloud Console, REST API, and CLI, see Accessing DevOps.

    1. Open the navigation menu and click Developer Services. Under DevOps, click Projects.
    2. Select a project, and click Create build pipeline.
    3. Enter a name and description for the pipeline. Adding a description is optional.
    4. Click Create.
      The build pipeline is successfully created.
    You can add the following stages to the pipeline:
    • Managed Build: Build and test your software applications.
    • Deliver Artifacts: Store your software applications created from the Managed Build stage in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Artifact Registry or OCI Container Registry repositories.
    • Trigger Deployment: Start a deployment pipeline to deploy the output from the build pipeline.
    • Wait: Pause a specific duration for testing the build pipeline.
  • To create a build pipeline, run the create command:

    oci devops build-pipeline create --project-id

    To get all the commands for build-pipeline:

    oci devops build-pipeline -h
  • To create a build pipeline, use the CreateBuildPipeline operation.