Managing DevOps Projects

To successfully build and deploy applications by using the DevOps service, first create a DevOps project.

A project logically groups the DevOps resources needed to implement a CI/CD workflow. DevOps resources are:

  • Code repositories: In the DevOps service, you can create your own private code repositories.
  • External connections: You can create a connection to external repositories such as GitHub and GitLab.
  • Build pipelines: A build pipeline contains the stages that define the build process for successfully compiling, testing, and running software applications before deployment.
  • Artifacts: Artifacts are referenced in a pipeline stage for automated deployment to the target environment. They are used to specify software package versions for deployment.
  • Triggers: A build run can be automatically triggered when you commit your changes to a code repository.
  • Environments: An environment is the target platform for your software.
  • Deployment pipelines: A deployment pipeline holds the requirements that must be satisfied to deliver a set of artifacts to the target environment.

To create a DevOps project, see Creating a Project.