Redeeming Rewards

Learn about redeeming Oracle Support Rewards.

To redeem rewards, the following is required:

  • An account in Billing Center.
  • The Billing Center account must be authorized to pay invoices.
  • The exact same email address used to sign in to the Billing Center must be in the list of authorized users to redeem rewards.
  • Entering a redemption code when prompted in the Billing Center.

When you add an authorized user to redeem rewards, the authorized user receives an email that they're now eligible to redeem rewards. Click the Redeem Rewards button in the email, which takes you to the Billing Center where you can redeem rewards. The email also contains the redemption code that allows you to apply accrued rewards toward support invoices in the Billing Center.

In addition to the email method of starting the rewards redemption process, you can also use the Oracle Support Rewards page in the Console to get started.

To redeem rewards:
  1. Open the navigation menu and click Billing & Cost Management. Under Programs and Rewards, click Oracle Support Rewards. The Oracle Support Rewards page opens.
  2. Click Redeem rewards. A message is displayed that you are about to be redirected to the Billing Center, which is outside of the Console. Click Redeem rewards to go to the Billing Center website.
  3. Sign in to the Billing Center, and go to the Invoices page.

    When rewards are available, a message at the top of the Invoices page indicates that you can apply Oracle Support Rewards toward eligible invoices.

  4. Click Pay for an invoice. A confirmation appears asking if you would like to redeem rewards. The confirmation displays the available rewards that can be applied toward an invoice.

    After clicking Pay for a particular invoice, You can choose to redeem all, or a portion of a reward, if preferred. Edit the amount in the Redeem <currency> field.

    After applying rewards, a success message appears, indicating that the rewards amount was applied successfully toward the invoice.

  5. Click Continue to Pay. The Submit Payment page is displayed. In the Order Summary, you can view the corresponding Oracle Support Rewards Redeemed line item amount that was applied toward the payment.

After clicking Submit Payment, the redeemed reward data is updated in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console's Oracle Support Rewards page. The Available Support Rewards, Redeemed, and Expiring Soon amounts update to reflect any rewards that have been redeemed.

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