Using the DNS Management Overview to Manage DNS Services

This topic describes the Overview page in the DNS Management section of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console.

Manage DNS Services Section

The Manage DNS Services section provides you with details on Zones and Traffic Management steering policies and links to set them up.

Public DNS Zones hold the trusted DNS records that reside on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's nameservers. You can create public zones with publicly available domain names. Private DNS zones contain domain names that resolve DNS queries for private IP addresses within a VCN. You can create private zones to define a domain name for private address resolution.

Traffic Management steering policies help you guide traffic to endpoints based on various conditions, including endpoint health and the geographic origins of DNS requests.

Service Health and Documentation Section

The Service Health tile displays the availability status of all DNS zone management systems in the selected region, and you can easily navigate to the Console's Oracle Cloud Infrastructure status page to check the availability status of all Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services, by region.

The Documentation list provides quick access to information about DNS offerings.

Supporting Services Section

The Supporting Services section provides links to more DNS Management services available in the Console.

  • Private Views: Logically group a set of private DNS zones.
  • HTTP Redirects: Redirect HTTP traffic to another URL.
  • TSIG Keys: Ensure that DNS packets originate from an authorized sender.

Getting Started Section

To make it easier to set up DNS Management, the Console has the following quickstart links to set up DNS services.

  • Set Up a Zone: Create and publish a zone, complete with the necessary records.
  • Private DNS Define a domain name for private endpoints.
  • Set Up Steering Policies: Define the traffic management behavior for zones.