Listing Functions

Find out how to list functions with OCI Functions.

You can list functions using the Console, the Fn Project CLI, and the API.

  • To list functions deployed to OCI Functions using the Console:

    1. Sign in to the Console as a functions developer.
    2. In the Console, open the navigation menu and click Developer Services. Under Functions, click Applications.
    3. Select the region you're using with OCI Functions.

      We recommend that you use the same region as the Docker registry that's specified in the Fn Project CLI context. See Creating an Fn Project CLI Context to Connect to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

    4. Select the compartment containing the functions that you want to list.

      The Applications page shows all the applications in the compartment you selected.

    5. Click the name of an application to see the functions within it.

      The Functions page lists all the functions within the application you selected, including the following information:

      • The Docker image created for each function.
      • When the function was last updated.
  • Using the Fn Project CLI


    From time to time, new versions of the Fn Project CLI are released. We recommend you regularly check that the latest version is installed. For more information, see Steps to upgrade the Fn Project CLI.

    To list functions deployed to OCI Functions using the Fn Project CLI:

    1. Log in to your development environment as a functions developer.

    2. Enter the following command to see a simple list of functions in a particular application:

      fn list functions <app-name>

      For example:

      $ fn list functions acme-app
      NAME            IMAGE

    Using the OCI CLI

    Use the oci fn function list command and required parameters to list functions:

    oci fn function list --application-id <application-ocid> [OPTIONS]

    For a complete list of flags and variable options for OCI CLI commands, see the Command Line Reference.

  • Run the ListFunctions operation to list functions.