Overview of Automated CEMLI Execution

Oracle Automated CEMLI Execution is designed to manage customizations in your Oracle E-Business Suite environments. These customizations are known collectively as CEMLIs - that is, configurations, extensions, modifications, localizations, and integrations. When CEMLIs are not managed, they can contribute to increased maintenance costs, performance issues, and unplanned outages.

CEMLI home


The Dashboard tab provides a short description of the product, together with release notes covering the new features and site alerts.


The Instances tab allows you to select the instance you want to associate your CEMLIs with, and to add new instances and edit existing instances.


Oracle Automated CEMLI Execution's core tool, Packager, provides you with the ability to bundle your CEMLIs into ADPatch-compliant CEMLI patches, which are deployed using the Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) Patching system and the Managed Cloud Services automated change management systems. These CEMLI patches are then available for deployment in any of your Oracle E-Business Suite environments. To deploy these custom patches, a separate RFC must be created and scheduled for each environment.

Packager reduces redundant processes and errors resulting from manual deployment. It also eliminates the need to write CEMLI installation scripts or detailed installation instructions, making more efficient use of your development resources.


The Reports tab allows you to search CEMLI data and export such data to Excel.

Help Contents

The Help Contents tab includes links to the Oracle Automated CEMLI Execution documentation, and video tutorials to help you get started with your CEMLIs.