Use troubleshooting information to identify and address common issues that can occur while working with Queue.

HTTP Status Error: 404

When working with Queue resources, a 404 error is returned.

Solution: Verify that the user has permissions and that the compartment defined in your policies is the same compartment that contains the resources in your request.

If producing or consuming messages, verify that you are using the messages endpoint.

HTTP Status Error: 409

When working with Queue resources, a 409 error is returned.

Solution: The message may have been delivered to or deleted by another consumer if the processing of the message took too long by the first consumer. If the message expired, a 409 error will also be returned.

HTTP Status Error: 500 When Using SDKs

When working with Queue resources using an OCI SDK, a 500 error is returned.

Solution: If using QueueAsyncClient, verify that your request body is not empty or null. We suggest using the QueueClient to produce and consume messages with the SDKs.