Creating a Virtual Cloud Network

Create a virtual cloud network (VCN) that adheres to the security rules and IP address requirements.

Using the Console

Use the Console to create a virtual cloud network (VCN) that enables you to connect to a compute instance and interact with a DB system.

This task requires the following:
  • You do not have an existing VCN with a private and public regional subnet present in your tenancy.
Do the following to create a VCN:
  1. Open the navigation menu, select Networking, and then select Virtual cloud networks.
  2. In the Virtual cloud networks page, click Start VCN wizard.
  3. In the Start VCN wizard dialog box, select Create VCN with internet connectivity, and click Start VCN wizard.
    The VCN wizard creates a VCN, public and private regional subnets, and internet, service, and NAT gateways.
  4. In the Create a VCN with internet connectivity panel, provide the following information:
    1. Basic information: Enter the VCN name, and select the Compartment where you want to create the VCN and its components such as private and public subnet, internet gateway, NAT gateway, and service gateway.
    2. Configure VCN: Specify the CIDR block for the VCN in VCN IPv4 CIDR block. Specify a value between /16 and /30. For example, and Accept the default values in the other fields. If you plan to use VCN DNS or a third-party DNS, select the Use DNS hostnames in this VCN check box for instance hostname assignment.

      It is recommended to accept the default values of the VCN and subnet configuration. Also, you cannot change these values of the configuration later.
    3. Configure public subnet: Specify the public subnet CIDR block in IPv4 CIDR block. For example, The public subnet CIDR block must not overlap with the private subnet CIDR block.
    4. Configure private subnet: Specify the private subnet CIDR block in IPv4 CIDR block. For example, The private subnet CIDR block must not overlap with the public subnet CIDR block.
    5. Tags: Click Show tagging options to open Tags. Specify or select the Tag namespace, Tag key, and Tag value.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Review the settings, and click Create.
  7. To view the VCN details, click View VCN.
A virtual cloud network is created. Now add ingress rules to allow traffic from authorized IP addresses. See Adding Ingress Rules for a Compute Instance, Bastion Session or VPN Connection.