Migrating a MySQL Instance to MySQL HeatWave Service

Use the Console and MySQL Shell to migrate a MySQL instance to MySQL HeatWave Service. The MySQL instance can be running on-premises, in other cloud vendors as managed or unmanaged services, or a MySQL HeatWave Service instance.

This task requires the following:
  • Permissions to access the Console, create a DB system, view and create a VCN configuration.
Do the following to migrate a MySQL instance to MySQL HeatWave Service:
  1. (Optional) Create a VCN with a public and private subnet. See Creating a Virtual Cloud Network.
  2. Create a VPN connection. See VPN Connection.
  3. Create an Object Storage bucket to transfer the source data. See To create a bucket section in Using the Console.
  4. Export the MySQL instance to an Object Storage bucket. See Exporting a MySQL Instance.
  5. Create a MySQL DB system, and import data from the Object Storage bucket to the DB system. You can import either using the data import feature or using MySQL Shell. It is recommended to import using the data import feature. See Importing Using the Data Import Feature and Importing Using MySQL Shell.