Overview of Connecting to a DB System

The DB system endpoints are not directly accessible from the internet. Use a networking service such as a compute instance, VPN connection, Bastion session, or network load balancer to access the endpoint of a DB system.


If you are connecting to the DB system using a VPN connection, a Bastion session, or a network load balancer, you can connect directly from your local network to the DB system. You do not need to configure a compute instance to connect from.
  • Compute instance: You cannot connect directly from a remote IP to the endpoint of a DB system. You must connect to a compute instance using SSH or RDP, depending on your platform, and from the compute instance, use any of the following to connect to the DB system:
    • MySQL Shell
    • MySQL Client
    • MySQL Workbench
    See Compute Instance.
  • VPN connection: A VPN connection bridges your local network with the VCN of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. You can use site-to-site VPN, FastConnect, or OpenVPN Access Server to create a VPN connection. See VPN Connection.
  • Bastion session: A Bastion session enables SSH access from your local network to the DB system. See Bastion Session.
  • Network load balancer: A network load balancer enables you to connect to a DB system over the internet. It is a security risk to make the DB system accessible over the internet. Restrict the authorized public IP addresses to a single IP address or a small range of IP addresses, and use in-transit encryption. See Network Load Balancer.