Changing the Statistic for a Default Metric Chart

Change the query's statistic used for aggregating data plotted on a default metric chart. Default metric charts are available on the Service Metrics page and under Metrics on resource details pages in the Console.

The statistic operates on the selected interval.

  1. View default metric charts in one of the following ways:
  2. For Statistic: Select the function to use to aggregate the data points.
    • Mean - The value of Sum divided by Count during the specified time period.
    • Rate - The per-interval average rate of change.
    • Sum - All values added together.
    • Max - The highest value observed during the specified time period.
    • Min - The lowest value observed during the specified time period.
    • Count - The number of observations received in the specified time period.
    • P50 - The value of the 50th percentile.
    • P90 - The value of the 90th percentile.
    • P95 - The value of the 95th percentile.
    • P99 - The value of the 99th percentile.

For information about directly editing MQL expressions or changing queries by using the CLI or API, see Selecting the Statistic for a Query. For more information about the statistic query component, see Statistic.