Adding Cloud SQL

You can add Oracle Cloud SQL to a cluster so you can use SQL to query your Big Data Service sources.


Cloud SQL isn't included with Big Data Service. You must pay an extra fee for use of Cloud SQL.

When you add Cloud SQL support to a cluster, a query server node is added, and big data cell servers are created on all worker nodes.

For information about using Cloud SQL with Big Data Service see Using Cloud SQL with Big Data.

For clusters with Oracle Distribution including Apache Hadoop, Cloud SQL is supported only for non-HA clusters.
    1. Open the navigation menu and click Analytics & AI. Under Data Lake, click Big Data Service.
    2. Under Compartment, select the compartment that contains the cluster.
    3. In the list of clusters, click the name of the cluster.
    4. On the Cluster details page, click More actions, and then select Add cloud SQL.
    5. In the Add cloud SQL panel, enter the following details:
      • Query server node shape: Select a shape to use for the query server node. For information about the available shapes, see Understanding Instance Types and Shapes.
      • Query server node block storage: Enter a number to indicate the gigabytes (GB) of block storage to add, between 1 TB and 48 TB, in increments of 50 GB.
      • Cluster admin password: Enter the administrator password for the cluster.
    6. Click Add.
  • Use the oci bds cloudsql add command and required parameters to add Cloud SQL to the cluster.

    oci bds cloudsql add --bds-instance-id <bds_instance_id> --cluster-admin-password <cluster_admin_password> --shape <shape> [OPTIONS]

    For a complete list of flags and variable options for CLI commands, see the Command Line Reference for Big Data.

  • Use the AddCloudSql operation to add Cloud SQL to the cluster.