Deleting a Project

Delete a DevOps project along with its resources.

For accessing DevOps using the Oracle Cloud Console, REST API, and CLI, see Accessing DevOps.

    1. Open the navigation menu and click Developer Services. Under DevOps, click Projects.
    2. Select the project that you want to delete, and then click Delete.
    3. Enter the project name to confirm that you want to delete the project.
    4. You have two options to delete the project:
      • Click the Delete project button.

        For this option, the project to be deleted must not have any resources, such as environments, artifacts, build, and deployment pipelines. The project is permanently deleted.

      • Select the Cascade delete check box to delete the project and the associated resources, and then click Schedule delete.

        In this option, the project is deleted along with its resources.

        The project isn’t immediately deleted, but scheduled to be deleted after 72 hours. During this wait period, you can cancel the project deletion request. You can also manually delete the project's resources.

  • To delete a DevOps project, run the delete command:

    oci devops project delete --project-id

    To delete a DevOps project using the Cascade delete option, run the schedule-cascading-delete command:

    oci devops project schedule-cascading-delete --project-id

    To cancel the Cascade delete operation, run the cancel-cascading-delete command:

    oci devops project cancel-cascading-delete --project-id

    To get all the commands for project:

    oci devops project -h

    To get help for the delete command:

    oci devops project delete -h
  • To delete a DevOps project, use the DeleteProject operation.