Web Application Acceleration Policies

Learn about web application acceleration policies and how to manage them.

Web application acceleration policies are resources that you can create, edit, update, and delete similar to other resources. This section describes how to manage them.

Web application acceleration policies set the parameters for applying acceleration to web traffic. Each policy consists of one or both of the following:

  • Caching: Caching occurs at the load balancer to reduce latency and avoid increased load on the backend servers.

  • Compressions: Compressions compresses server responses, using tools such as gzip, before returning them to the client to reduce the amount of required bandwidth. This compression speeds the server responses' transit over the network.

You can assign a web application acceleration policy to a load balancer using the acceleration resource. When you attach an acceleration to a web application acceleration policy, you are assigning the load balancer specified in the acceleration resource. See Accelerations for Web Application Acceleration Policies for more information.

You can perform the following web application acceleration tasks: