Patching ADB on Exadata Cloud@Customer Infrastructure

Overview of ADB on Exadata Cloud@Customer Infrastructure Patching

ADB-Dedicated maintenance involves patching Exadata Infrastructure(EI) Autonomous VM Cluster, and Autonomous Container Database (ACD).

  • Autonomous Exadata Infrastructure/Exadata Infrastructure (EI): IB Switches, Storage cells, Dom0 operating system, and so on.
  • Autonomous VM clusters (AVM): Grid Infrastructure (GI), and Guest VM operating system patching.
  • Autonomous Container Database (ACD): Oracle Database patching.

The patching is done every quarter. Although there is no order dependency between EI/AVM/ACD, it is preferred to patch in the sequence EI, AVM, and then ACD.

Oracle schedules and performs all patching and other maintenance operations on all dedicated Exadata infrastructure resources. You can also specify when such maintenance operations can occur, and what kind of patching is performed.

Specifying When Maintenance Can Occur

In general, Oracle schedules and performs entire fleet maintenance spread throughout each quarter. You can let Oracle handle maintenance scheduling, or you can set a specific maintenance window when Oracle can begin maintenance operations. You set this maintenance window at the Autonomous Exadata Infrastructure level, and it applies to all Autonomous Container Databases and Autonomous Databases created in the Autonomous Exadata Infrastructure resource as well as to the resource itself.

Additionally, you can set a maintenance window for each individual Autonomous Container Database, thereby setting the window for all of its contained Autonomous Databases.


Oracle recommends that you set a maintenance window for at least Exadata Infrastructure resources. Doing so will prevent maintenance operations from occurring at times that would be disruptive to regular database operations.

You can set the maintenance window for an Exadata Infrastructure and Autonomous Container Database resources when you create them or you can set or change it later. Once a maintenance activity is scheduled based on the maintenance window you set, you can manage the actual timing of the activity, even to the point of changing the patch version, applying the patch immediately, or skipping the activity.

Specifying What Kind of Patches to Apply

One standard maintenance operation is to apply database software patches to your Autonomous Container Databases and, by extension, the Autonomous Databases created in them. By default, Oracle applies quarterly Release Updates (RUs). Currently, the Release Update Revision (RUR) maintenance type is not supported.

To help you decide whether to have Oracle apply RUs or RURs to a given Autonomous Container Database, see My Oracle Support Note 2285040.1.