Available Metrics

Vulnerability Scanning metrics include the following dimensions listed in this topic.

  • resourceId: The OCID of the cloud resource that was scanned, such as an instance (Compute) .
  • resultId: The OCID of the host scan or container image scan in the Vulnerability Scanning service.
  • riskLevel: The risk level of the cloud resource that was scanned.

    The Vulnerability Scanning service categorizes problems by these risk levels.

    • Critical- the most serious problems detected, which should be your highest priority to resolve.
    • High- the next most serious problems.
    • Medium- problems that are less serious.
    • Low- problems that are still less serious.
    • Minor- the least serious problems detected; they still need be resolved eventually, but can be your lowest priority.
Metric Metric Display Name Unit Description
SecurityVulnerability Security Vulnerability count Total number of vulnerabilities found in a scan of a cloud resource.