Metrics help you monitor the vulnerabilities that the Vulnerability Scanning service detects in your cloud resources.

A namespace is a container for metrics. The namespace identifies the service sending the metrics. The namespace for the Vulnerability Scanning service is oci_vss.
Metrics are the fundamental concept in telemetry and monitoring. Metrics define a time-series set of datapoints. Each metric has a namespace, metric name, compartment identifier, one or more dimensions, and a unit of measure. Each datapoint has a timestamp, value, and count associated with it.
A dimension is a key-value pair that defines the characteristics associated with the metric. For example, resourceId is the OCID of the resource that was scanned.
Statistics are metric data aggregations over specified periods of time. Aggregations are done using the namespace, metric name, dimensions, and the data point unit of measure within the time period specified.
Alarms are used to automate operations monitoring and performance. An alarm tracks changes that occur over a specific time period and performs one or more defined actions, based on the rules defined for the metric.