Configuring Security Rules to Use an LPG

Update a security list in a virtual cloud network (VCN) to include a new rule that allows traffic destined for the other VCN's CIDR to flow through your local peering gateway (LPG).

Each administrator can perform this task before or after the connection is established.

Prerequisite: Each administrator must have the CIDR block or specific subnets for the other VCN. In general, you should use the same CIDR block you used in the route table rule in Task E: Configure the route tables.

Before you begin, determine which subnets in your VCN need to communicate with the other VCN. Update the security list for each of those subnets to include rules to allow the intended egress or ingress traffic specifically with the CIDR block or subnet of the other VCN.

What rules should you add?

  • Ingress rules for the types of traffic you want to allow from the other VCN, specifically from the VCN's CIDR or specific subnets.
  • An egress rule to allow outgoing traffic from your VCN to the other VCN. If the subnet already has a broad egress rule for all types of protocols to all destinations (, then you don't need to add a special one for the other VCN.

For more information about security rules, see Security Rules.

    1. Open the navigation menu, click Networking, and then click Virtual cloud networks.
    2. Click the name of the VCN that you're interested in.
    3. Under Resources, click Security Lists.
    4. Click the security list you're interested in.
    5. Under Resources, click either Ingress Rules or Egress Rules depending on the type of rule you want to work with.
    6. To add a rule, click Add Ingress Rule or Add Egress Rule.

      You want to add a stateful rule that enables ingress HTTPS (port 443) traffic from the other VCN's CIDR. Here is the basic information that you would enter in the Add Ingress Rule panel::

      • Stateless: Leave this checkbox unselected.
      • Source Type: Leave as CIDR.
      • Source CIDR: Enter the same CIDR block that the route rules use (see Configuring VCN Route Tables to Use an LPG).
      • IP Protocol: Leave as TCP.
      • Source Port Range: Leave as All.
      • Destination Port Range: Enter 443.
      • Description: An optional description of the rule.
    7. If you want to delete an existing rule, click the Actions menu (Actions Menu), and then select Remove.
    8. If you wanted to edit an existing rule, click the Actions menu (Actions Menu), and then select Edit.
  • Use the network security-list update command and required parameters to update the rules used in a particular security list:

    oci network security-list update --security-list-id securitylist-ocid ... [--egress-security-rules | --ingress-security-rules] rules [OPTIONS]

    For a complete list of parameters and values for CLI commands, see the CLI Command Reference.

  • Run the UpdateSecurityList operation to update the rules used in a particular security list.