Checking the Performance of Your Services

This chapter describes how to use the Pulse Dashboard to quickly check the performance of all your Oracle production services in several widgets, as explained in the following sections:

The Pulse Dashboard displays the recent performance of your organization's services, as follows:

  • the KPIs in the areas of service availability, service requests, and change requests show data for your production active services

  • the KPIs in the areas of storage, and, if enabled, business transactions and Business Insight, refer to all your active services

Click any of the widgets on the Pulse Dashboard to see the selected metrics in their overall context at the Customer or Service Level. By default, the Pulse Dashboard displays data as of the current day.

To access the Pulse Dashboard, sign in to Oracle Pulse as explained in the Accessing Oracle Pulse section in Introduction. The Pulse Dashboard is displayed by default. The Pulse Dashboard is also easily accessible from anywhere in the application by clicking Home in the upper left corner.