Create Fleet

Use this button to create a new fleet in JMS.

  • You've completed Setting Up Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for Fleets.
  • Ensure you have enough service limit quota to create a fleet. To check the fleet limits for your tenancy, in the navigation menu, go to Governance & Administration, Tenancy Management, and click Limits, Quotas and Usage.

Follow these instructions to create a fleet:

  1. From the Fleet Dashboard, click Create Fleet.
    Enter the following information to describe the new fleet:
  2. If you want to enable advanced features in the fleet, select the Enable advanced features option. See Advanced Features for more information.

    Only OCI administrators with the highest privilege can manage the advanced features.
  3. Deselect the Create new operation log option if you don't want operation logs for this fleet. Operation logs are necessary for auditing the logs related to operations carried out in the fleet by JMS. Operation logs might incur additional costs.
  4. (Optional) Click Show advanced options to provide one or more tags for the new fleet.
    • In the Tag Fleet section, provide a list of one or more unique tag key-value pairs to describe the fleet. (To edit these later, see Edit Properties.)
    • To add more tags, click + Another Tag and then provide the key-value pair for an additional tag.
  5. Click Next. You're prompted to review the fleet information, log configuration, and management agent configuration. Inventory logs are created by default as they're needed to store the data related to usage tracking and inventory.

    Click Save as Stack to save these configurations as an Oracle Cloud Stack. See Getting Started with Oracle Cloud Stack.

    (Optional) Click Previous if you want to modify your choices.

  6. Click Create. This creates:
    • A new fleet using the information you provided.
    • The management agent install key with unlimited installations and without expiry. The install key will have the same name as the name of the fleet.
    • The jms namespace and fleet_ocid tag key; if these are missing in your tenancy.
    • Log configuration with the following log group information:
      • The log group will be named: JMS_<FleetName>_Log_group
      • Inventory log object will be: <FleetName>_Inventory_log
      • If you've chosen to create an operation log object, then it will be named: <FleetName>_Operation_log
    See Log Configuration Details in the Fleet Properties Tab to view more details.

    JMS Fleets creates a log object with a default retention period of one month. To keep the data indefinitely, you can create a Connector Hub connection between the log object and the object storage bucket.
  7. Download the installation script from the Install a management agent section. Follow the instructions in Using Installation Script section to install the management agent on your host(s). You can also download the scripts at a later date, when viewing the details of a fleet (see Fleet Tabs).