Run an ADDM Task

View a Completed ADDM Task


The time for an ADDM task to complete depends on the current system workload, the time length of the snapshot and the amount of data it contains. Performance Hub displays a message to check later if the job is taking a while to run.

When an ADDM task completes, the snapshot it created is displayed in the Activity Summary area. The time slider changes size to match the start and end times of the analyzed snapshot range and moves over the AWR snapshot icon in the graphical display.
  1. In the Activity Summary area, click the gray AWR snapshot icon to display the AWR snapshot. Hover over the icon to view the statistics of the snapshot, including the snap ID, snapshot times, task name, task owner, and the number of findings of the associated ADDM task.

    A white check mark in the gray icon indicates that findings are available. When selected, the gray icon changes to blue.

    If you have run multiple tasks concurrently, then an AWR icon for each snapshot appears under the activity summary graph and the time slider appears over the first task that you ran. To display a different snapshot, click the AWR snapshot icon for that task. The time slider moves over the AWR snapshot icon and expands or contracts to match the snapshot time.

  2. The task name, analysis period, and type are generated and displayed in the ADDM task list under the Activity Summary area.

  3. The findings for the ADDM task are displayed in the Findings tables. To view a short description of the reason for the finding, scroll down to the Findings table. Then click the information icon at the end of the name of the finding you are interested in.

    The message box explains the reason for the finding.

  4. To view the task finding details, scroll down to the Findings table and click the name of the finding. It opens the ADDM Performance Finding Details page.

    The page shows the name of the finding, the impact of the finding, the analysis period, the type of recommendation, the recommended action for the finding, and the impact of each recommendation.