Average Active Sessions Data

Filter Average Active Sessions Data

To filter Average Active Sessions Data:

  1. Open the Performance Hub page from the database details page, if not already open.


    For more information about how to navigate to the Performance Hub page, see:

  2. In the ASH Analytics tab, select a dimension in the ASH Dimension menu of the Average Active Sessions chart.

    By default, Consumer Group is selected for Autonomous Databases. For all other databases, Wait Class is selected by default.

    Each color in the chart denotes a component of the selected dimension. For example, the Consumer Group dimension has High, Medium, and Low, which are predefined service names assigned to your database to provide different levels of concurrency and performance.

  3. Click a component in the legend.

    The selected component is displayed in the Applied Filters field and the chart is updated to only display data pertaining to that component.

    When ASH data is down sampled (maybe due to the selected data resolution), a new data request call is automatically triggered using the selected filters to ensure that precise data is displayed. Otherwise, filtering is performed on the UI layer only.

The total activity, which includes all the components of the dimension, is defined by a black outline and is displayed by default when you filter data.