Creating a Basic Query

Select the minimum required query configuration on the Metrics Explorer page in the Console to view a custom metric chart.


To start with a predefined service query, see Viewing and Updating the Query for a Default Metric Chart.
  1. Open the navigation menu and click Observability & Management. Under Monitoring, click Metrics Explorer.
  2. From the Console header, select the region that contains the metric data that you want.
    For more information about regions, see Understand Regions and Working Across Regions.
  3. In the query area under the chart, select values for Metric namespace and a Metric name, which are the minimum required values needed to view a metric chart.
    If you don't see the query area, click Edit queries.
  4. Click Update Chart.
    The chart shows metric data for the selected metric namespace and metric name, using default values for interval and statistic.
  5. To change the metric chart, update the query values and then click Update Chart again.
    For reference, see Creating a Query.

For information about directly editing MQL expressions or changing queries by using the CLI or API, see Editing the MQL Expression for a Query.

For query troubleshooting, see Troubleshooting Queries.