Cloning a Repository

You can clone the code repository to create a local copy on your computer, add or remove files, commit changes, and work on different branches by using Git operations.

Before you clone a code repository, you must have a code repository or a mirrored repository associated with a DevOps project.

You can use two methods to clone and use your repository: HTTPS and SSH Authorization.

If you have set up an API signing key (private/public key pair), you can use SSH authentication to clone your code repository. For details on how to create and manage the keys associated with a user, see the documentation on API signing keys.

For accessing DevOps using the Oracle Cloud Console, REST API, and CLI, see Accessing DevOps.

To clone the repository using the Console, follow these steps:

  1. Open the navigation menu and click Developer Services. Under DevOps, click Projects.
  2. Select a project and from the left-side menu, click Code Repositories.
  3. Click the Actions menu to the right of the repository that you want to clone and select Clone.
  4. Use one of the following methods:

    The repository is cloned and your credentials are stored for future use.

After cloning the repository you can work on the files locally and commit your changes using Git operations.