SQL Monitoring

The SQL Monitoring tab contains a table that displays monitored SQL statements. To view this tab, click SQL Monitoring on the Performance Hub page.

The table in the SQL Monitoring tab displays SQL statement executions by dimensions, such as Last Active Time, CPU Time, Database Time, and so on. It not only provides information about SQL statements that are currently running but also SQL statements that completed, failed, or were terminated. The table consists of columns that include Status, Duration, SQL ID, and so on for monitored SQL statements.

SQL statements are monitored only if they have been running for at least five seconds or if they are run in parallel.

The Status column includes the following icons:
  • A spinning icon indicates that the SQL statement is running.

  • A green check mark icon indicates that the SQL statement completed its execution during the specified time period.

  • A red cross icon indicates that the SQL statement did not complete. The icon displays when an error occurs because the session was terminated.

  • A clock icon indicates that the SQL statement is queued.

You can end session to terminate a running or queued SQL statement.

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Real-time SQL Monitoring

You can also click an SQL ID to go to the corresponding Real-time SQL Monitoring page. This page provides additional details that helps you tune the selected SQL statement.

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Graphical Explain Plan

The Real-time SQL Monitoring page provides different options for viewing plan statistics for SQL execution, namely Tabular Execution Plan and Graphical Explain Plan.
  • The default Tabular Execution Plan presents a tabular view of the execution plan.

  • Graphical Explain Plan presents a graphical tree representation of the explain plan. In this plan, you can display as much or as little data as needed, and can rotate the tree to display the information either horizontally or vertically.

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