ASH Analytics

The ASH Analytics tab shows Active Session History (ASH) analytics charts that you can use to explore ASH data. This tab is displayed by default.

You can use this tab to drill down into database performance across multiple dimensions, such as Consumer Group, Wait Class, SQL ID, User Name, and so on.

In the ASH Analytics tab, you can select an Average Active Sessions dimension and view the top activity for that dimension for the selected time period. The Average Active Sessions chart has a control at the right end of the chart to select the displayed resolution of ASH data.

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ASH Sample Resolution

The ASH Sample Resolution menu gives users the ability to control the sampling of ASH data displayed in the Average Active Sessions chart.

Data resolution means displaying more or fewer data points in the sample data in given time period. Lower resolution displays coarser data with better performance and less effect on the database. Higher resolution aggregates more data to display finer detail, but can have a corresponding cost in latency and effect on the database.

The Sample Resolution menu is displayed at the right-side of the chart. The data resolution options are:

  • Low: The chart displays the fewest data points in the selected data sample.

  • Medium: The chart displays more data points in the selected data sample.

  • High: The chart displays more data points in the selected data sample.

  • Maximum: The chart displays the most data points available in the selected data sample.

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Activity Tables

By default, two tables under the Average Active Sessions graph display the top SQLs and user sessions for the time period covered by the Average Active Sessions graph. To view activities by other dimensions, use the menus at the top-left of each of the two tables.

You can use the ASH Analytics tab to monitor real-time SQL activity.

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