Top Activity Lite

Top Activity Lite is a simplified yet highly efficient mode of Performance Hub in Database Management Service. In this mode, database administrators can monitor real-time performance of managed databases in a single view for quick visualization of issues.

The primary advantages of Top Activity Lite include streamlined UI options and quick response time for real-time monitoring while providing critical information required for performance diagnosis.

Simplified UI Options

In comparison to Performance Hub, the Top Activity Lite mode consists of only two tabs, ASH Analytics and SQL Monitoring. These tabs provide similar functionality as in Performance Hub. For more information, see ASH Analytics, SQL Monitoring.

Though the Top Activity Lite page appears similar to Performance Hub, the following distinguishes this mode as a separate view:
  • Time Range - The Time Range selector is not enabled, and the time range used for data analysis is fixed at the last hour.

  • Auto Refresh - The time interval to automatically retrieve new data from the database and update the current tab content.

    This option is Off by default.

  • Average Active Sessions - A single chart combined with a time slider, which controls the time period of the data shown in the activity tables. The chart always shows an hour of ASH data. Every time the page refreshes, the chart is updated to show data for the last hour.

    As compared to Performance Hub, Top Activity Lite has fewer ASH dimensions available. However, you can use other functions, such as drill down a dimension, control sample resolution, change dimensions, and so on. For more information, see ASH Analytics.

  • Time slider - A time period selector on the Average Active Sessions chart with a duration of five minutes. By default, the time slider is pinned to the right-side of the chart. When the time slider is pinned, the activity tables are updated on each refresh to show data for the last five minutes.

    You can explicitly move the time slider to select a historical period. This unpins the time slider and updates the activity tables to show data for the selected historical period.

    After it is unpinned, the time slider shifts left on the chart (covering the same historical period) until it reaches the left-side. Then the time slider is automatically pinned again to the right-side of the chart.

  • Activity tables - By default, these tables display the top SQL and user sessions for the selected time period in the Average Active Sessions chart. You can open the details page and view more information for each SQL or user session. You can also use the dimension selector for an activity table to view top activity along a different ASH dimension.

    You can monitor the Average Active Sessions chart to identify any variations or unusual data points, then use the activity tables to perform detailed analysis on a specific time range. You can use the time slider at any time to adjust the time period covered by the activity tables data.

  • Data Source - This option, by default, enables fetching data from Memory and AWR. To view data only from memory, you can change the data source to Memory.

  • View Option - The Top Activity Lite mode provides two options, the default bar chart and an area chart view.

For more information about how to use this mode, see: