Creating an Acceleration for a Web Application Acceleration Policy

Create an acceleration to bind a web application acceleration policy with a load balancer.


The Web Application Acceleration cache automatically contains the newest cacheable content and is limited to 100 MB total by default. The cache size can be increased by opening a Service Request.

    1. Open the navigation menu, click Networking, and then click Web Application Acceleration. The Web Application Acceleration page appears.
    2. Select the Compartment from the list. All web application acceleration policies in that compartment are listed in tabular form.
    3. Select the web application acceleration policy for which you want to create an acceleration. Its Details page appears, containing the Accelerations list. All accelerations for the web application acceleration policy are listed in tabular form.
    4. Click Create acceleration. The Create acceleration dialog box appears.
    5. Complete the following:
      • Name: Enter a name for the acceleration.

      • Compartment: Select the compartment where the acceleration is contained.

      • Load balancer: Select a load balancer from the list to create an acceleration. The web application acceleration policy you create is applied to the load balancer you select. Click Change compartment if you want to apply the policy to a load balancer in a different compartment.

      • Click Show tagging options to add tagging to the acceleration. See Tagging Resources for more information.

    6. Click Create accelerator.

    The Create acceleration dialog box closes. The web application acceleration policy's Details page appears, displaying the acceleration you created in the Accelerations list.

  • Use the oci waa web-app-acceleration create-for-load-balancer command and required parameters to attach an acceleration to a web application acceleration policy:

    oci waa web-app-acceleration create-for-load-balancer --compartment-id compartment_ocid --web-app-acceleration-policy-id web_app_acceleration_policy_ocid --load-balancer-id load_balancer_ocid [OPTIONS]

    For a complete list of flags and variable options for CLI commands, see the Command Line Reference.

  • Run the CreateWebAppAcceleration operation to create an acceleration from a web application acceleration policy.