In Data Integration, you can create a project that has sample artifacts such as data flows or a project that's blank. You can also create a project by copying from an existing project.

To create or access projects, on the workspace home page, click Projects. Existing projects are listed on the Projects page. To find a project, enter the complete name of a project in the Filter by name field and press Enter. You can also use the Favorite filter menu to display only those projects that are marked as favorite. Click Clear to remove the filter.

In the Projects list, the Actions menu for a project has these options:

  • View details: Displays the project details, and the folders, tasks, and data flows that the project contains.
  • Edit: Lets you edit the name and description for the project.
  • Copy project key: Copies to the clipboard the key of the project, which you can use with APIs.
  • Delete: Lets you delete the project.

The following pages describe the project management tasks: