Verify Management Agents on Compute Instances

After you enabled the Management Agent on the compute instance using the Oracle Cloud Agent, you can verify that the Management Agent has been configured successfully.

Verify Management Agents Using User Interface

To verify the Management Agent configuration using the user interface, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the navigation menu. Under Observability & Management, click Management Agent.

    On the main Management Agents page, click Agents from the left menu.

    The Agents page is displayed with a list of all agents installed.

  2. From the Agents list, look for the agent that was recently enabled using the Created column which displays the enabled date or the Host column which displays the compute instance where the agent was deployed.

    After the Management Agent is enabled on the OCI Compute, it could take time for the agent to start showing up with status Running. The agent will be running as oracle-cloud-agent OS user.