Management Gateway

The Management Gateway provides a single point of communication between the Management Agents (or any other customer-side products) and the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Using the Management Gateway as the single point for traffic to and from the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure means that the enterprise firewall only needs to allow HTTPS communication from the host where the Management Gateway resides. This scenario allows installing Management Agent on the remaining hosts which do not need to have direct access to the internet. Oracle recommends to configure the Management Gateway first and then the Management Agent on the other hosts.

Management Gateway Diagram

The Management Gateway provides a mechanism for Agents and other clients to connect to OCI through a single point. This provides greater control for administrators, and means that only a single host and port need to be enabled for egress through the corporate firewall.

Starting with Management Gateway version 221019.0021.1667404647, most uploads are buffered inside the Gateway, offering clients a faster response without having to wait for the full time that a round-trip to OCI takes.

A buffered upload is typically written to disk to ensure that the message is delivered to the OCI side even in case of an instance failure. Some connections are simple passthrough connections, where calls are received by the Gateway and redirected, similar to a regular proxy.