Editing a Build Pipeline

Update information such as the name and description of a build pipeline.

For accessing DevOps using the Oracle Cloud Console, REST API, and CLI, see Accessing DevOps.

    1. Open the navigation menu and click Developer Services. Under DevOps, click Projects.
    2. Select a project and then click the View all Build Pipelines link.
    3. On the Build pipelines page, click the pipeline that you want to update.
    4. On the details page of the build pipeline, click the Actions menu (Actions Menu) for the pipeline and select Edit.
    5. In the Edit build pipeline panel, update the name and description of the pipeline and click Save changes.
  • To edit a build pipeline, run the update command:

    oci devops build-pipeline update --build-pipeline-id

    To get all the commands for build-pipeline:

    oci devops build-pipeline -h
  • To edit a build pipeline, use the UpdateBuildPipeline operation.