Managing Data Catalog

Create and manage a data catalog.

Required IAM Policies

Create policies to define how you want your users to access data catalog instances.

See the data catalogs verb to permission mapping to decide which verb meets your access requirements. For example, the read verb for data-catalogs covers the same permissions and API operations as the inspect verb plus the CATALOG_READ, CATALOG_JOB_DEFINITION_READ, CATALOG_JOB_READ, and CATALOG_WORK_REQUEST_READ permissions and the API operations that they cover such as ListGlossaries, GetCatalog, and so on.

Create this policy to allow users to create, update, and delete data catalog instances in the tenancy or a specific compartment.
Allow group <group-name> to manage data-catalog-family in tenancy
Allow group <group-name> to manage data-catalog-family in compartment <compartment-name>