Java Runtime Details

The detailed view of a Java Runtime provides you with information about the Java Runtime and links to metrics describing the Java Runtime's Installations, Application, and Managed Instance. If a Java Runtime has an associated work request, there will be an info box on the page with the message A work request is in progress for this runtime. View work requests. and a View work requests button.

The detailed view of a Java Runtime is divided into three sections:
  1. Information about the Java Runtime, including the following:

    • Version, such as 1.8.0_282
    • Distribution name, such as OpenJDK Runtime Environment
    • Release Date, the date on which the runtime was released
    • EOSL date, the date on which the Java Runtime will reach its End of Support Life. See Oracle Java SE Support roadmap.
    • Security state, one of: Unknown, Early access, Upgrade Required (for unsupported/EOSL versions), Update Available (for supported versions), or Up to Date. For Java Runtimes that aren't Up to Date, the days for which the runtime has been below the security baseline are listed in the infoblock above the Java Information tab.
    • Vendor, such as Oracle Corporation
    • Date and time when it was first reported
    • Date and time when it was last reported
  2. Java Runtime metrics. This section provides you with an insight into the behavior of the Java Runtime during a specified time period.
  3. Resources where you can view the individual metrics for the Java Runtime displayed in a table that includes data reported during a specified time period, by default the previous week. The data is aggregated daily. You can choose a different day from the Quick Selects drop-down list. The list displays 50 rows at a time: use the buttons at the bottom of the table to move through the list. Click the header of a column to sort the list based on the title of the column (except for the first reported and last reported columns). Use the text field to search the contents of the table.

For more information about a Java Runtime, see Java Runtime.