About Data Pipelines for Functional Areas

Data pipelines for functional areas load data specific to a functional area into the data warehouse.

These pipelines hold configuration parameters specific to a functional area such as General Ledger functional area under Finance and Sales functional area under NetSuite.

Allowed Actions for Data Pipelines

Here's a list of the actions allowed for data pipelines when they are in various states. This information enables you to know which actions you can and can't perform when a data pipeline is in a particular state.

Pipeline status Available actions Additional information
Saved Edit and Delete You can activate a data pipeline using the Edit wizard or can delete the data pipeline.
InActive Edit, Activate, and Delete You can activate a data pipeline using the Edit wizard or can delete the data pipeline.
Activation Scheduled Edit and Delete If you edit a scheduled data pipeline, then the previous data pipeline is unscheduled and a new data pipeline is scheduled.
Activation in Progress View You can view the data pipeline in Read-only mode.
Activation Complete Edit, Delete, Reset, Deactivate, and Refresh Data You can perform these actions:
  • Edit only the Attribute Selection, Column Options, Entity Options, Dimension Keys, Schedule, and Save steps.
  • After the Edit action is completed, the data pipeline is ready for Refresh Data or AdHoc run. View the information icon that is displayed.
  • Perform a reset that marks the data pipeline for data reset and view the displayed information icon. The next incremental job peforms the actual action or you can peform the Refresh Data action to immediately reset the data.
  • Refresh the data. If an incremental job isn't running, then the Refresh Data action initiates an AdHoc run immediately to refresh the data. It peforms a full refresh if you had edited the data pipeline or performed a reset earlier.
  • Deactivate the data pipeline to change its state to InActive.