About Pipeline Parameters

The pipeline parameters apply to all functional areas.

The pipeline parameters that apply at the functional area levels are currency, exchange rate type, and initial extraction date and time to schedule the incremental job to run.
  • Analytics Language: Specify the language in which you want the data to be extracted. The language that you can select in the Analytics Language parameter is based on the initialized Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications languages. You can only select one language at a time. Changes to this global parameter don't take effect immediately even after next refresh and may cause inconsistent results because the refresh brings in only the incremental data in the selected language. You must reset the warehouse to ensure that the changes are effective.
  • Analytics Currency: Currency conversions are required because your business might have transactions captured in multiple currencies. To create meaningful enterprise-wide analyses, you must use a common currency. Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse allows you to specify an analytics currency to store amounts in the data warehouse using this common currency. The load process checks the specified currency value and determines the corresponding exchange rate to convert the amounts to the analytics currency. For example, if your organization is a multinational enterprise that has its headquarters in the United States, you probably want to choose US dollars (USD) as the analytics currency.
  • Exchange Rate Type: Specify an exchange rate type that you want to use when converting the transaction amounts to the analytics currency. For example, you may set up Corporate as a standard exchange rate across your organization for a stable currency.
  • Initial Extract Date: Initial extract date is used when you extract data for a full load. Transactional data created after the initial extract date processes and loads to the warehouse. It reduces the initial data load volume. After extracting the data for a functional area, avoid changing the initial extract date. If you need to change the initial extract data, then after changing the date, reset the data warehouse and reactivate the functional areas. See Reset the Data Warehouse.
  • Data Refresh Schedule: Specify the frequency and when you want the incremental data load to happen. While specifying the timezone, the recommendation is to use city names to handle the daylight savings. For example, instead of selecting timezone such as EST or PST, select Europe/Bucharest or America/Los_Angeles. In this case, the data refresh process calculates the value mentioned in the Time field based on the local time irrespective of daylight savings.