View Load Request History

You can view the data pipeline load request history by functional area, load type, and status along with other details. The request history doesn't display the incremental loads.

  1. Sign in to your service.
  2. In Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse Console, click Data Configuration under Application Administration.
  3. On the Data Configuration page, under Activity History, click Request History.

    Description of fawag_request_history_tile.png follows

  4. On the Request History page, view the history of loads that have been performed.

About Request Types and Statuses

When you perform tasks on a functional area, you can review the different types of requests involved with those tasks in the Request History area.

Request Types

Request Type Description
Batch Request An operation that performs multiple functions such as mapping attributes, or importing and export objects.
Content Patch A content patch upgrade run.
Full Load (Adhoc) A full load run that happens immediately upon request.
Full Load (Scheduled) A request to schedule a full load run.
Module Reset A request to delete an active functional area or source table.
Refresh Data The system ran a request to refresh data.
Reset A request to refresh the data in the data warehouse for the functional area.
Reset Data Warehouse A request to reset the warehouse. This reset deletes all the customer-added warehouse data.
Target Model Upgrade A request to upgrade the target model to the latest available version.

Request Statuses

Request Status Description
Activation Completed The job ran successfully and is now complete.
Activation in Progress
  • The job is running.
  • The job is resolving.
Activation Scheduled
  • Job is scheduled to run within one minute.
  • Job is scheduled to run at the specified date and time.
Deactivation Complete The job is removed from Active status.
InActive The job isn't saved or scheduled to run.
Received The job request is submitted.
Saved Job is saved but not scheduled to run.